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August 25, 2016

Mission Critical

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Optimise your Oracle license costs with HPE
How would much-lower Oracle® database licensing and support costs change your IT department?
Migrate to the future with SAP HANA on CS900
If SAP® is at the heart of your business, then reducing complexity, increasing value of information, and preparing for a SAP HANA® future are likely important goals. Learning from other businesses’ experiences is a great way to start planning.
Accelerate insights with HPE Mission Critical Solutions and SAP HANA
Discover how manufacturers can better predict and respond to business demands with the HPE Superdome Flex, scalable in-memory computing platform for SAP HANA.
What's next for Superdome Flex?
Today the newly launched Superdome Flex is shipping with SUSE and Red Hat Linux, in 4-socket and 8-socket configurations.
Interview with Matthias Hehnen – Senior Systems Engineer and Technical Alliance Manager EMEA at VMware
Matthias covers the combination of ESX, Superdome Flex and where support will arrive in the coming months
Interview with Jeff Kyle – Vice President of Mission Critical Solutions
Jeff outlines how Mission Critical is working to future proof IT infrastructures, facing the ever changing demands of scalability and security.
Superdome Flex captures attention at Discover
How would much-lower Oracle® database licensing and support costs change your IT department?
Interview with Randy Meyer – Vice President and General Manager of Mission Critical Solutions
Randy outlines the Mission Critical value proposition and how they're developing a technological road-map allowing choice, flexibility and resilience.

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