Optimise your Oracle license costs with HPE

How would much-lower Oracle® database licensing and support costs change your IT department?

With the free no-cost HPE® Database Performance Profiler service, you could benefit from:

  • In-depth analysis and recommendations to optimise and save costs– using a unique graphical report on your Oracle usage
  • Modern infrastructure with net savings – receive a tailored Superdome X® solution proposal that delivers savings so big it will pay for itself
  • Significantly reduced costs – make more room in your IT budget

It’s easy and cost-free to take advantage of the Database Performance Profiler service. Using only your standard Oracle logs, HPE carries out a unique graphical analysis of your database and other features (e.g. Real Application Clusters and ORACLE EXADATA usage). HPE can then provide detailed recommendations on how to reduce your Oracle license spend.

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1 thought on “Optimise your Oracle license costs with HPE

  • Please contact me asap, I work for Pointnext Consulting (HPE) and we have a customer looking to take advantage of this offer. I am in Oracle database master architect, I am prepared to discuss this with the client, but I need to know more information about the offer… Thank you

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